Why Choose A/E/C?

Value-Added    We at A/E/C understand the decision to engage an outsourcing service provider is often measured by the effect it has on the bottom line. We also acknowledge that the provider bears the burden-of-proof in demonstrating return on investment. As Strategic Sourcing Agents, A/E/C's procurement and purchasing methods deliver savings 10%-15% beyond conventional means. Our operating platform is designed to mitigate risk, increase buying power, and ensure that your business or institution gain a competitive advantage in the market.  We are committed to make every interaction a value added experience, helping you to buy smarter and build for less.

No Conflict of Interest    A/E/C Solutions' unique approach to our services has developed from an unconditional commitment and dedication to your business needs.  We view our role as an extension of your organization and represent your business interests without conditions.  A/E/C Solutions is intentionally unaffiliated and independent of the many commissions that affect your project expenditures.  This releases us from any incentives that may conflict with cost, quality and outcome.

Predictable Outcome    A/E/C Solutions offers a dependable and cost effective outsource for Project Planning and Implementation with predicable outcome and no surprises.  We can compress any schedule to meet speed-to-market demands, allowing greater time for client decision making.

Global Platform    A/E/C operates in all major markets across North America, Europe and Asia. This reach and scalability give us the strength, knowledge and buying power to deliver results. Together with affiliates and partners, we bring a global perspective to all client transactions and projects.