Since its inception in 2003, clients have relied on A/E/C Solutions’ experience and industry savvy to reduce cost, increase leverage and eliminate the inefficiencies found in the A/E/C/Real Estate industries.  Independent and commission free, our experienced and qualified staff offer extensive Auditing Services assisting businesses throughout the realm of cost recovery, litigation, insurance claims, certification, validation and compliance of complex process and manufacturing requirements.

  • Cost Recovery Audit
  • Depreciation & IRS Cost Segregations
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Hazardous Impacts (Asbestos, Mold, Lead)
  • Building / Zoning Codes
  • (OSHA)
  • (LEED)
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Quality and Process Control
  • AIA Contract Formats
  • Expert Witness Testimony for Litigation / Arbitration
  • Surety 3rd Party Estimates


NACA: National Association of Construction Auditors